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Criticism, self-criticism, and other fables

posted 20 Oct 2009, 02:49 by Unknown user

How harsh is your criticism compared to your self-criticism? Does self-criticism justify criticism?

Others don't see, don't appreciate, and will surely undervalue your self-criticism, while at the same time think you're overdoing on criticism. As much as you're assured of your own righteousness, you're most likely to be the only one of that opinion. To criticised the critic is never unbiased. Criticism of others is always milder. Finally, self-criticism always feels harsh and just--to you!

So beware! Think thrice before throwing that stone...


posted 16 Oct 2009, 04:40 by Unknown user   [ updated 16 Oct 2009, 04:47 ]

The quote is not mine, but I have felt the same for a long time, and have been unable to put it to words:

Our Homeland, in any case, for a long time now resides only in [...] some [...] songs, and is better off for it. For our Homeland is not a state at all--it hardly ever was--but is a state of the soul. And those who think the states are their Homelands, they have some songs all their own, and these are much more suited for howling.

from the article "Gušt, merak i slutnja strahote", author Teofil Pančić, weekly magazine Vreme 980, 15 October 2009 (subscription required)

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