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    • 1967: Born in Belgrade, then Yugoslavia.
    • 1981: Graduated from primary school, summa cum laude.
    • 1985: Graduated from high school, summa cum laude.
    • 1986: Completed my National Service.
    • 1994: Earned BSc in Electronics Enginering, GPA 8.36/10.
    • 2001: Moved to United Kingdom, employed by Panasonic Mobile.
    • 2007: Became a British citizen.
    • 2008: Earned MSc in Elecronics Engineering, by default.
    • 2008: Started a new job for Nokia.
    • 2010: Quite badly riled Mr Miodrag Kreculj.
    • 2010: Moved house - again (a very nice one this time, though).
    • 2010: Nokia sold us lock, stock, and barrel to Renesas.
    • 2012: Was fruitful and multiplied! Happy days. :D
    • 2013: Got kicked out of here, as these guys didn't buy the whole department I was in.
    • 2014: Started here, as these guys bothered to read the whole of my CV.
    • 2014: Moved here, into a nicer, bigger, and much newer house.
    • 2015: CSR got bought, lock, stock & barrel - yours truly included - by these guys.
    • 2020: COVID-19: locked down and loving it!

My full, and up-to-date CV can be had if you ask nicely by sending an e-mail request to: mail AT vladimiroka DOT net.

You can also look me up on LinkedIn.